Soil To Mind


The Nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.

" Franklin D Roosevelt"

With growing demand for food, fiber and feed, we need to make sure that land stays productive, in other words soil is stop being killed. Healthy soils are our greatest ally against-Climate Change, Water Scarcity, Food Security, Farmer Distress, Rising Health Issues. We have Gosala (cattle farm) of indigenous cows adjacent to our farms. We considered Cow as our important part and revered with a motherly status & often called “Gau Mata” and regularly conduct GoPuja.

The Message given by Lord Shri Krishna is even more relevant today… “Human needs cows more than cow needs human. Cows need to be protected for humans to survive”.

Cow Dung and urine are used in our organic farm to increase the fertility and productivity of soil. This helps us to take diverse crops without corrupting the soil with chemicals and dangerous poisonous substances and to produce the necessary organic food and medicines for our consumption.

“We are not just into organic farming, but cultivating health”


Philosophical text ‘Bhagavat Gita’ describes body as temple-“Idham Shareeram Kshethram”.

Body is made up of five basic elements- earth, water, air, fire and space and is composed of doshas (Biological energies), Dhatus (Body matrix),Malas (excretable products) and Agni

Vata, Pitta and Kapha known as Tridoshas are physiological entities of the body which are responsible for carrying out all the functions of the body. The balances of doshas in the body goes a long way in keeping us healthy.

Dhatus are the structural entities of the body. These are Rasa (Plasma), Rakta (Blood) Mamsa (Muscle), Medas (Fat), Asthi (Bone), Majja (Bone Marrow), Shukra (reproductive tissue)

Agni (Metabolic fire) is in thirteen different forms and carries out the whole metabolism of the body. The Agni digests food and the control centers in the brain are nourished by these fragrant ‘vapors’. This nourishment releases the nervous impulses, which in turn release enzymes and hormones. This stimulates metabolic activity so that the whole body-mind complex functions efficiently.

The waste products of the body which are excretable are produced in the body as bye-products of physiological and metabolic activities. These are known as malas which includes purisa (faeces), Sweda (sweat) and Mutra (urine) All bio-transformations within the body occur through ‘Srotas’ (body channels) which are the sites for action of Agni.


All that exists in the three worlds rests in the control of prana. As a mother protects her children, O Prana, protect us and give us splendor and wisdom.
Prashna Upanashid 2.13

To bring about positive transformations in body and mind we must understand the energy or prana, through which they work. This force is called Prana meaning primary energy or vital force. Prana has many levels of meaning, from the physical breath to the energy of consciousness itself. Prana is not only the basic life force; it is the original creative power. The Pranamaya kosha is the sphere of our life energies. This sheath mediated between physical body on the one side and and the three sheaths of mind (outer mind, intelligence and inner mind) on the other. It also mediates between the five gross elements and the five sensory impressions. People with a strong vital body are able to impress their personality on the world and often become prominent in life. Those with a weak vital body do not have the energy to accomplish much, and usually remain in subordinate positions.


“Mind is everything, what you think you become”. - Buddha

Mind is supreme in life. It is well known to every one of us. The mind is practically our own self. The mind is responsible for anything that we achieve in this world or in the other world, because what we call world is nothing but the field of experience. The range of our experience is the world in which we are living. And all the experiences of our life are nothing but the expression of the actions that we perform, behind which there is the mind that thinks. So, our world of experience is actually controlled and directed by the mind. The mind has to be absorbed in order that it gets controlled. Complete control of a particular thing is exercised only to the extent of the absorption of that particular thing into one’s own Self. Anything that is one with us is controlled by us, and of that we are masters. We should control the mind completely and rule over it, by identification of our true being with everything that the mind can think.