Soil To Mind

The body, prana and mind have to be in rhythm with the universe. The difference in the rhythm will imbalance the body, prana and mind and results in health issues and problems in life.

Annamayakosha (Physical body)

In Ayurveda, the body is named as Annamayakosha .The qualities of pure body are the combination of happiness, enthusiastic, energetic, awareness, compassionate, healthy etc. Any deviation from these, we can assume to have imbalances in the body, prana and mind. The body evolved from five elements is nourished by food. The food that we eat is having highly influence on our body. The unscientific food habits will leads to imbalances of body and results in illness and deceases. Hence when we think a healthy body we should give greater importance to the food. Ayurveda prescribes; food should be consumed according to the body constitution. Packed, frozen foods and unnatural soft drinks will contaminate the body and cause deceases. The wrong lifestyle and food habits are affecting people’s health. Our body is constituted by the nature; hence we must include naturally and locally available organic fruits, vegetables and grains in our food.

Pranamayakosha (Energy/Astral body)

The subtle elements of food that we eat will influence our pranic body. All our words and deeds will cause a certain vibrations and makes an imprint in our pranic body. The six chakras from “mooladhara” to “agna” are situated in the subtle body. We can easily understand in our experience that emotions are highly influencing the movements of our breathing. When we have fear or in anger, the breathing will be short and fast. When we are in peaceful or in happiness the breathing will be in different pattern from the former. Through food, air, words, deeds and emotions our pranamayakosha will be affected. Ayurveda overlook into person’s health deeply and consider all aspects for its treatment.

Manomayakosha (Mental/Causal body)

The subtler parts of food that we eat influence the mind. There is a famous saying that “You are what you eat”. We are carrying accumulated thought forms and impressions as ‘samskaras’ in our mind. Our life is highly influenced by this ‘samskaras’. The emotions towards unfulfilled desires, anger, enmity, jealousy all of it will make our mental body unstable. As body, prana and mind are interconnected and the weaknesses of any one will mutually affected all these three.

Influence of Food in body, prana and mind

It can be observed that the food we eat is influencing body, prana and mind in common. Nowadays, most of the food substances are poisonous, unnaturally processed, artificially flavored, impurely handled and it will definitely have a negative impact on the state of body, prana and mind.