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Dharma is not a matter of intellectual study and debate. It is a way of life- Sri Tathata

Human being is the noblest of all created beings, but we lost sight of that nobility. The nobility ascribed to man is because of his ability to the divine fulfilment of life. The goal of Nature is divine perfection and Man should live with the understanding of the goal of Nature.

Life is a wonderful phenomenon! Learn, live and experience

Like an air blow removes the dust on a table and a water blow cleans the dirt from a glass top - Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and drinking enough water removes dust and toxins from our body, prana and mind. The worries of life and the distorted and unhealthy food habits have made us a generation polluted more than the generations before. People have forgotten or neglected the soul’s natural way of accumulating knowledge and experiencing life; we are rushing behind the physical pleasure and wealth. This neglecting of the souls and the imbalance of life is reflected in the increased mental, physical and behavioural disorders.

Without balancing and cleansing body, prana and mind moving ahead will be disastrous. In-case we go ahead we are going to encounter more impaired souls and polluted bodies around us and it will reflect in increased diseases and mental disorders and unexpected behaviours.

Realizing the need of the time many are tuning their lives to a balanced lifestyle. The balanced life starts from the soil. Cultivate organic food material in flora and prepare food with ayurvedic health principles will energize the body. Through Yogasana, Kalari-Martial Arts, Pranayama and Meditation take this energy to the Prana. When you are energetic in Prana you start enjoying life and keep away deceases and worries.

The ‘Soil to Mind’ retreat is designed to create intense awareness of the benefit of protecting our soil and cultivating and eating organic food and making Yoga, Pranayama and meditation our daily routine. The typical program is holistically arranged in a series of activities.

Shreyas-A divine journey

A New Beginning of holistic approach goes in hand with the will of time and its evolutionary process. This is an attempt to become aware of the burning aspirations in the depth of one’s soul, and to live accordingly

Dharma-Lessons from the Masters

Dharma is awareness; it is a burning light. To walk safely through darkness, a light is essential. An insight into the “Dharmasutras” and “Yog Sutras” to rejuvenate the creativity in human life, its purpose, its goal and the methods of attaining the goal. Lessons from the Maters regarding the human life’s problems, the reasons behind them and the remedy for them are discussed in its present context and practicalities.

Samskaranam-Cleansing Body, Prana & Mind

Purification consists in dissolving one samskaras(inherited defects and tendencies of the mind).It’s not the body gets cleanse and heal but the body, prana and mind. Traditional and Pure Ayurvedic treatments for detoxification and rejuvenation along with Kalari Marma, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurvedic Diet, Indigenous Cow’s Arka, Panchagavya etc. go hand in hand harmoniously. One has to purify the body, prana and mind for the total manifestation of the Divine in oneself.

Prithvi Seva-Worship of The Mother Earth

In ‘Sanatana dharma’ the Earth is revered as mother and we often call as “The Mother Earth”. Earth is one of the main elements of our physical body. If we want to live a healthy life we should have contact with the Earth. Nowadays somehow we lost the contact with the Earth and this has mainly leads to deceases and difficulties. Our foot has the energy points of all our body organs. A walk in the bare foot through the Earth will activate those energy centres and improves our health. We get all our essentials from the Mother Earth. We need to show our reverence by keeping our Mother Earth clean. The life in the unspoiled, unpolluted and sanctified Earth is a place where our deceases will letgo and we regain our strength. The person who works in the mother earth and nurturing crops are the highest worshipper of God. Farming is the worship of five elements-Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether

Go Seva-Worship of “Gaumata”

The Cow in India is treated with holiness as ‘Gaumata’. From Vedic age onwards cow is honored and worshipped. Cow is an important factor for human’s health and prosperity. The hump in indigenous cow has a specific vein called Surya Ketu Nadi. This nadi absorbs energies from sun, moon and other luminaries from the universe. This energy absorption enables the products of these breeds with special properties and high medicinal value. Indigenous cow’s Milk, Curd, Ghee, Urine and Dung together are known as ‘Panchagavya’ in Ayurveda and have been found to cure many ailments and deceases.

Annam Brahma-Food is divine

According to our Scriptures-“Annam Parabrahma Swaroopam”. Food is in truth the Lord of creation. From food, seed is produced and from this beings are born. Food is medicine when consumed properly”., Ayurveda prescribes that our food should be according to our body constitution. According to scriptures, food should have to free from three types of impurities. Classes on how food is transforming into Ojas, the right way of eating the food and preparation of ayurvedic diet.

Ayur-Exploring the ancient science of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient science of life following from centuries back. Sessions on Ayurveda will enable to understand the human system through the yogic perspective. An Ayurveda deal with both the preventive and curative aspects of deceases.This is a scientific system of health with clinical perfection and considers all aspects of the person in its treatment methodology. It reaches out to the root causes of deceases and cures accordingly. Dinacharya (Daily routines) and Ritucharya (based on seasonal changes) helps to establish balance in one’s constitution. Health is one of the foremost aims of the holistic science of Ayurveda.

Yodha-To be a warrior in life

Our life in the world should be like a warrior. It means transform the negativity in oneself and lead a brave life in the path of dharma. A weak person can’t become a warrior. We have to enrich our divinity in ourselves, transform the mind and control our emotions to become a warrior. We should learn and follow the practical methods instructed in the scriptures.

Yagna-The Divine Worship

Nature itself is the manifestation of the divine. Mankind is gifted with different methods of worshipping the Divine. Chanting Vedic mantras, Sun salutations, Puja, Satsang and Yagnas will invoke the subtle energy centres in human. The philosophy of Yagna teaches a way of life in the society in harmony. The Vedas signify the complementary role of Gayatri Mantra and Yagna in the divine creation. In physical terms, Yagna is a process aimed at refinement of subtle energy existing in matter with the help of thermal energy. Medicinal herbs offered in sacrificial fire will purify and enlighten the environment.

Ananda-Celebration of eternal bliss

The body, prana and mind are the vehicle of the Soul. The purification of body, prana and mind is the first step towards the divine. The complete surrender is the union with the divine will that descends into the subtle consciousness. The infusion of light from the Soul divinises the body, prana and mind. The life becomes a celebration and experience “Ananda”, the eternal bliss.