Soil To Mind

Cleansing of Body, Prana and Mind

Traditional and authentic ayurvedic treatments are followed here under highly qualified ayurvedic professionals. We take utmost care in the preparation of medicines strictly following the methods and rituals described in our Ayurvedic texts. The customized and effective ayurvedic treatment will detoxify and rejuvenate the body, prana and mind.

The body, prana and mind are the vehicle of Soul and it should be in balance for a healthy life. The purification of body, prana and the mind is utmost important to enjoy the life with happiness and peace.

Reasons for decease

It is important to understand the exact reasons for deceases for better treatment and cure. Without knowing the exact reasons the treatment will not be effective to its fullest extent. In human being there are three sheaths which are body, prana and mind. All these three are interconnected and equally important. Energy is accumulated in the middle sheath prana. The pranic energy will reflected in mind, the mind will reflected in body and all these three will be in action unanimously. It is evident that the root cause of all deceases and problems are accumulated in prana. Restlessness, anxiety, panic etc are attracted and stored in prana. This will appear as deceases in the body through mind

Importance of prana

Mostly people consider body, mind and soul and ignore prana. But in practicality to cleanse and balance the body, prana and mind we should deeply focused on prana, the middle sheath between the body and mind. Through prana we can deeply penetrate into the system and hasten the effectiveness of cleansing process. Here comes the importance of breathing techniques likes’ pranayama.

Ayurvedic Diet

Pure and positive pranic food will helps to detoxify and to increase the vital energy of body. Food should be cultivated in fertile soil in a natural way. Farming is the worship of five elements-Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. According to 'Charaka ,"An appropriate and suitable diet in a disease is equivalent to hundred drugs and any quantity of drug hardly compares to good results in disease without following proper dietetic regimen"

“When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need. " [Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb]

Traditional Pure Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the science of life originated from the Vedas. It’s has two aspects of both curative and preventive medicine. Traditional and pure ayurveda and its principles and rituals are effective and time tested and are followed from centuries.

Vedic austerities

Likewise strict diet plan should have to be follow with certain medications; we should follow certain austerities in life for balancing body, prana and mind. There are enormous powerful and subtle energy centres in us, which were normally in the sleeping state. Chanting Vedic mantras and participating in prayers and puja will invoke those energy centres and filled with positive energy and strengthen the body, prana and mind.

Environment, a critical factor

Cleansing process will only be effective in a clean environment. The earth, water and air must be in its purest form. Enriched soil with indigenous cow’s manure and lush flora and fauna will purify the elements and create a curative environment. Daily Vedic yagnas (agnihotra) where indigenous cow’s ghee and ayurvedic herbs are sacrificed in fire will disinfect the external atmosphere and create an enlightened environment.