Soil To Mind

Sun Energy for Health and Happiness

We have been learning from our childhood that sunlight helps to blossom the flowers and helps in the growth of plants. Let’s know how it’s important for our body just like for the plants. If we receive the sunlight in the right time in a proper way for the right duration, it will help to improve our health of our tissues and cells. It’s beneficial for healing lot of deceases. Not only disease it will also helps in the improvement of the intellect.

When we gaze sun at comfortable time with the medium of eyes, it will reach to our brain. Our eyes are our extended part of our brain, ie. the windows of the brain. When the rays reach our brain it will increases our focus and concentration. It will help to heal tension, depression, insomnia, migraine, headache and also beneficial several chronic disease.

Now we have become an indoor generation and we are keeping ourselves away from the energies of Nature. It results in a lot of deficiencies into our system and increase the chance of affecting several disease.

In Nations where sunlight is very nominal for several months, it’s found that the depression rate is very higher and results in ‘Seasonal Affective Disorders’. Deficiency of sunlight will affect the concentration and memory of children. They are becoming more and more impatient and reducing the span of attention. (Attention Deficit Disorder) Sun energy is the biological need of human beings . We need to become outdoor generation from indoor generation and need to bring back Sun energy in to our life. Sun energy is a Natural medicine and we are making use of it for several centuries. In Vedas, Sun has been worshipped for health and happiness and starts the day with chanting “Gayatri Mantra”. In Yoga there is special importance for “Surya Namaskar”.