Soil To Mind

Sandhya Vandana is the salutation at the conjunction points. The divine presence descends into the external nature in five different timings of ‘Brahma Muhurta’(3-30AM), Sunrise, Noon, Sunset and at Midnight. At the Sunrise and Sunset time it’s highly beneficial to perform Sandhya Vandana. When we do it with devotion and awareness, the result will be magnificent and it will cleanse and harmonise the body, prana and mind.

Benefit of Sandhya Vandana

While doing Sandhya Vandana the divine presence will arouse. When water, the symbolic of Primordial source of energy is pouring in the earth along with chanting Gayatri Mantra, it will reduce the karmas (obligation) of the body. It will also transform the negative energy of the external environment into sacredness. In Sandhya Vandana all these are connected, the primary source of creation water, divine energy, our soul’s aspiration and our will.

The necessary attributes are concentration, devotion, awareness and right timings The aura of the person who performs Sandhya Vandana daily will be cleansed and protected from the negative energies. He/ She become a perfect instrument in the hands of the will of nature.