Soil To Mind

Ayurvedic Diet

According to Vedic Scriptures -“Annam Parabrahma Swaroopam”. Food is in truth the Lord of creation. From food, seed is produced and from this beings are born.

Our scriptures also emphasizes on eating the right kind of food. Food is the main source of energy for the physical body. Whatever food that we eat impacts the triple qualities of sattva, rajas and tamas in our bodies, which in turn impact the balance of our minds and bodies.

Basically our scriptures pointed out three doshas (faults), they are guna dosha, nimitta dosha and ashraya dosha affects the food.

Guna dosha is connected with the sattva, rajas, tamas the three gunas of food. Good satvic diet is good for maintaining good health, pleasantness, kindness, calmness. Rajasic and Tamasic food will leads to imbalances and illness.

In Nimitta dosha the nature of our mind while eating food is most important. For example if we feel bad over food if we see any foreign substance in food, it will naturally cause a negative reaction in our brain and poisonous substance originates in our body. Then the food we eaten will tends to be poisonous. Hence we should be very careful to sit in clean place for eating and food materials should have to be pure and to be deal with utmost care. Don’t eat food in haste and when we are in anger, we should eat with pleasantness and in clean environment to avoid nimitta dosha.

Ashraya dosha-The food that we eat is come through various hands- from farming, supplying, preparing, serving etc. and the food has the influence of all those peoples. When we eat the will of those people will enter in and influence us. The preparation and serving of food is utmost important. We should eat food prepared and served by pure minded people with pleasantness; it will nurture our body and make us healthy and calmness of mind. Food prepared by ill minded, sick people will harm us hence needs to avoid.

“Food is medicine when consumed properly”. Food is prepared using organic food material from our own farms. We prepare and serve food with health principles, right intention and prayer to nurture body, prana and mind.

Food is offered to god before serving; it is pointed out in Vedic scriptures that when food is offered to god before eating it, that would neutralize harmful energies contained in the food.